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Jacqueline's dad always had a sweet tooth and she knew just how to satisfy it with her exceptional baking skills. He'd bring home the ingredients and she'd work her magic, making all sorts of cakes, cookies and brownies for the family to enjoy. When Jacq's dad got diabetes, she set out on a mission to figure out the best way to make delicious treats that were still healthy to eat.

As she began to learn how organs respond to certain foods, Jacqueline quickly discovered that cooking clean was a very simple and rewarding process. She ditched the traditional flours full of gluten and found substitutes that were easier for the body to digest. She removed the heavily processed sugars that were sure to spike her dads blood sugar level and replaced them with natural sugars that he could enjoy, even with his ailments. Dad tried out her new recipes and fell in love with them, prompting her to share them with friends and extended family.

Soon enough, Jacqueline was baking delicious bites every day and Mealsaps was born. These treats are made from pure love, joy and concern for loved ones and we're thankful that we get to share them with you. Mealsaps comes from the family last name Millsaps, so whenever you enjoy our creations you're enjoying a piece of our family. We're delighted that you decided to indulge in a bit of healthful decadence and we hope you come back for much, much more!

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