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Meals That Heal

Thanks for visiting the Mealsaps community! Here at Mealsaps we're all about providing alternatives to the standard American diet and making healthy lifestyle choices simple and functional. We specialize in creating herbal detoxes, vegan and gluten free treats, simple recipes and digestible information that will assist in making wise dietary decisions.
  • Sweet Eats

    Most people think that desserts are out of the question when eating healthier and we’re here to dispel that myth! We indulge every day, the wholesome way.

  • Herbal Detoxes

    Cleansing the body periodically is essential to living a healthy lifestyle so we handcraft herbal detoxes from the most potent herbs available. It’s our philosophy that you may eat what you will, as long as you wash away the filth.

  • Exceptional Information

    Diet is mental and eating clean becomes a breeze once you begin to gatherand apply information on why it’s vital. We’ve created the Trans Vegan eBook that assists in promoting healthful dietary choices. When you know better, you eat better!

  • Simple Recipes

    Cooking at home is making a comeback! We believe that if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. We offer recipes that showcase healthy substitutions to foods you enjoy daily.

Meet The Baker

Charmaine Millsaps created Mealsaps after her father's namesake when he got diabetes. She realized that there weren't many healthful dessert choices available to the public so she began making them for her friends and family. In no time her healthy treats were in high demand so she answered the call of duty and opened this online storefront. Charmaine is based in California where she creates from her heart every single day. Drop a note to contact her for all questions, concerns and requests!